Ivan Shishkin

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Ivan Shishkin
Portrait o Ivan Shishkin
Portrait o Ivan Shishkin, bi Ivan Kramskoi
(c. 1880)
Born 25 Januar 1832(1832-01-25)
Yelabuga, Roushie Empire
Died 20 Mairch 1898(1898-03-20) (aged 66)
St. Petersburg, Roushie Empire
Naitionality Roushie
Eddication Moscow Schuil o Pentin, Sculptur an Airchitectur;
Imperial Academy o Airts
Kent for Pentin
Notable wirk(s) Morn in a Pine Forest (wi Konstantin Savitsky, 1878)
A Rye Field (1878)
Muivement Realism
Awairds Siller Medal (1858)
Minor Gowden Medal (1859)
Grand Gowden Medal (1860)
Patron(s) Pavel Tretyakov

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin (Roushie: Ива́н Ива́нович Ши́шкин; 25 Januar 1832 – 20 Mairch 1898) wis a Roushie laundscape penter closely associatit wi the Peredvizhniki muivement.