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Ivan Andreyevich Krylov
Ivan Krylov.jpg
Portrait o Krylov bi Karl Briullov, 1839
Born Februar 13, 1769
Dee'd November 21, 1844 (75 year)
St. Petersburg, Roushie Empire
Restin place Tikhvin Seemetry, Alexander Nevsky Lavra
Pen name Navi Volyrk
Thrift Poet, fabulist, playwricht, novelist, jurnalist, publisher, translator
Leid Roushie
Ceetizenship  Roushie Empire
Genre The fable, play, poetry, prose
Notable awairds Order o Saunt Stanislaus (Imperial Hoose o Romanov), Order o Saunt Anna
Years active 1786-1843

Ivan Andreyevich Krylov (Roushie: Ива́н Андре́евич Крыло́в; Februar 13, 1769 – November 21, 1844) is Roushie's best kent fabulist an probably the maist epigrammatic o aw Roushie authors.[1] Umwhile a dramatist an jurnalist, he anly discovered his true genre at the age o 40. While mony o his earlier fables war loosely based on Aesop's an La Fontaine's, later fables war oreeginal wirk, eften wi a satirical bent.

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