Italian unification

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Italian unification
Episodio delle cinque giornate (Baldassare Verazzi).jpg
Five Days o Milan, 18–22 March 1848
Date 1815–1871
Location Italy
Pairteecipants Italian society, Kinrick o Sardinie, Proveesional Govrenment o Milan, Republic o San Marco, Kinrick o Sicily, Roman Republic, Carbonari, French Empire, Reid Shirts, Hungarian legion, Soothren Airmy, Unitit Provinces o Central Italy, Kinrick o Italy

Italian unification (Italian: Unificazione italiana), an aa kent as Risorgimento ([risordʒiˈmento], meanin the Resurgence or revival), wis the poleetical an social muivement that consolidatit different states o the Italian peninsula intae the single state o the Kinrick o Italy in the 19t century.