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Italian cuisine

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Pasta speiciality store in Venice.
Pizza is ane o the warld's maist popular fuids an a common fast fuid item.

Italian cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine[1] conseestin o the ingredients, recipes an cuikin techniques developed athort the Italian Peninsula syne the antiquity, an later spreid aroond the warld thegither wi waves o Italian diaspora.[2][3][4]

Signeeficant chynges occurred wi the colonisation o the Americas an the introduction o tatties, tomataes, capsicums, maize an succar beet, this last introduced in quantity in the 18t century.[5][6] Italian cuisine is kent for its regional diversity, espeicially atween the north an the sooth o the Italian peninsula.[7][8][9] It offers an abundance o taste, an is ane o the maist popular an copied in the warld.[10] It influenced several cuisines aroond the warld, chiefly that o the Unitit States.[11]

Italian cuisine is generally chairacterised bi its sempleecity, wi mony dishes haein anerly twa tae fower main ingredients.[12] Italian cuiks rely chiefly on the quality o the ingredients raither nor on elaborate preparation.[13] Ingredients an dishes vary bi region. Mony dishes that war ance regional hae proleeferated wi variations ootthrou the kintra.


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