Italian Wars

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Italian Wars
Battle of Pavia - Unknown Artist - Google Cultural Institute.jpg
The Battle o Pavia bi an unkent Flemish airtist (ile on panel, 16t century).
LocationSoothren an Wastren Europe
Result Habsburg veectory
Fraunce, the Haly Roman Empire, the states o Italy (notably the Republic o Venice, the Duchy o Milan, the Kinrick o Naples, the Papal States, the Republic o Florence, an the Duchy o Ferrara), Ingland, Scotland, Spain, the Ottoman Empire, the Swiss, Saxony, an ithers

The Italian Wars, eften referred tae as the Great Italian Wars or the Great Wars o Italy an whiles as the Habsburg–Valois Wars or the Renaissance Wars, war a series o conflicts frae 1494 tae 1559 that involved, at various times, maist o the ceety-states o Italy, the Papal States, the Republic o Venice, maist o the major states o Wastren Europe (France, Spain, the Haly Roman Empire, Ingland, an Scotland) as weel as the Ottoman Empire. Oreeginally arisin frae dynastic disputes ower the Duchy o Milan an the Kinrick o Naples, the wars becam a general struggle for pouer an territory amang thair various pairteecipants, an war merkit wi an increasin nummer o alliances, coonter-alliances, an betrayals.