Italian Airmed Forces

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Italian Airmed Forces
Forze armate italiane (FF.AA.)
Stemma araldico e distintivo dello Stato Maggiore Difesa.svg
Coat o Airms o the Italian Defence Staff
Foondit4 May 1861
Service branchesCoat of arms of the Esercito Italiano.svgItalian Airmy

Coat of arms of Marina Militare.svg Italian Navy
Coat of arms of the Italian Air Force.svg Italian Air Force

Coat of arms of the Carabinieri.svg Carabinieri
Preses o the RepublicSergio Mattarella
Prime MeenisterGiuseppe Conte
Meenister o DefenceLorenzo Guerini
Chief o the Defence StaffGeneral Enzo Vecciarelli
Active personnel171,050 (2018)[2]
Reserve personnel18,300 (2018)[2]
BudgetUS$27.8 billion (2018) (SIPRI)
(ranked 11th)[3]
Percent o GDP1.3% (2018)[3]
Domestic suppliersAvio
CNH Industrial
Fiocchi Munizioni
Piaggio Aerospace
Foreign suppliers European Union
 Unitit States
Annual imports€2.202 billion (2017)[4]
Annual exports€3.060 billion (2017)[4]
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Italy
Regio Esercito
Regia Marina
Regia Aeronautica
RanksItalian Airmy ranks
Italian Navy ranks
Italian Air Force ranks
Carabinieri Ranks

The Italian Airmed Forces (Italian: Forze armate italiane) encompass the Italian Airmy, the Italian Navy and the Italian Air Force. A fowerth branch o the airmed forces, kent as the Carabinieri, tak on the role as the naitions's militar polis an are awso involvit in missions an operations abroad as a combat force. Despite nae bein a brainch o the airmed forces, the Guardia di Finanza is pairt o the militar an operates a lairge fleet o ships, aircraft an helicopters, enablin it tae patrol Italy's watters an tae eventually participate in warfare scenarios. These five forces haeve militar status an are aw organized alang militar lines, comprisin a total o 346,800 men an weemen wi the offeecial status o active militar personnel, o which 171,050 are in the Airmy, Navy an Air Force.[2][1][5][6] The Preses o the Italian Republic heids the airmed forces as the Preses o the Heich Cooncil o Defence established bi airticle 87 o the Consteetution o Italy. Accordin tae airticoe 78, the Pairliament haes the authority tae declare a state o war an vest the necessary pouers in the Govrenment.

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