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1997 model o the Isuzu Panther.

The Isuzu Panther is a multi-purpose vehicle an pickup truck manufactured in Indonesie for the Asian market bi Isuzu Motors. The model is suitit tae carryin lairge loads o passengers or cargo. It wis developed tae meet local conditions in terms o climate, roads an family structure as a durable vehicle. The Panther is an aa popular in the Philippines, where it is kent as the Hi-Lander Crosswind an Vietnam.

The Panther is an aa manufactured an mercatit in Indie unner the name Chevrolet Tavera.

In the Philippines, the Crosswind replaced the Hi-Lander in 2001, an wis given a major redesign in early 2005 frae the "Hi-Lander Crosswind" tae juist "Crosswind" as well as "Sportivo". Minor facelifts wur given in 2007 an 2009 tae the same format. It is nou in its seicont generation an still gainin popularity. It haes a new style which makes it simple yet an aa sporty tae leuk at. It is still pouered bi the 4JA-1 Diesel Ingine, but wis even better wi the option o a 81 hp normally aspiratit version or an 85 hp law-pressure turbochairged version. This third generation model is an aa equipped wi Isuzu‘s Flex Ride Suspension System which promotes a comfortable ride while maintainin composure, durability, an hie grund clearance.

Pickup version o Panther
Facelifted version (post-2005)

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