Isuzu Oasis

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Isuzu Oasis
Isuzu Oasis -- 03-28-2012.JPG
AssemblySayama, Japan
Body and chassis
LayootFF layoot
RelatitHonda Odyssey
Ingine2.2L SOHC 140 hp (96-97)

2.3L SOHC VTEC 150 hp (98-99)

Transmission4-speed automatic
Wheelbase2830 mm (114.4 in)
Lenth1996–97: 4575 mm (187.2 in)
1998–99: 187.6 in (4,765 mm)
Weenth1793 mm (70.6 in)
Hicht1996–97: 1640 mm (64.6 in)
1998–99: 63.6 in (1,615 mm)

The Isuzu Oasis wis a minivan produced as result o an agreement atween Isuzu an Honda frae 1996 tae 1999. It wis the ae minivan sold bi Isuzu.

Unner the agreement, Honda wad purchase Isuzu Rodeo an Isuzu Trooper vehicles tae be sold as the Honda Passport an Acura SLX, respectively. Meanwhile Isuzu wad purchase Honda Odyssey an Honda Civic vehicles tae be sold as the Isuzu Oasis an Isuzu Gemini, respectively. Though the Oasis wis essentially the same vehicle as the Odyssey wi a lawer sticker price an a better warranty, Honda's mair prominent brand recognition propelled the Odyssey tae greater sales. The Oasis wis sold frae the 1996 model year tae the 1999 model year in the Unitit States. The Odyssey wis redesigned for 1999, but Isuzu still sold the original body wi minor changes aw the way through 1999. Later Oasis models came wi a 2.3L VTEC ingine similar tae the ingine foond in the saxt-generation Honda Accord. Oasis vehicles wur uised as New York Ceety taxis.

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