Issyk Kul

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Loch Issyk-Kul
Issyk Kul.jpg
Frae space, September 1992
Coordinates 42°25′N 77°15′E / 42.417°N 77.250°E / 42.417; 77.250Coordinates: 42°25′N 77°15′E / 42.417°N 77.250°E / 42.417; 77.250
Loch teep Endorheic
Moontain lake
Primary inflows Glaciers
Primary outflows Evaporation
Catchment aurie 15,844 square kilometres (6,117 sq mi)
Basin kintras Kyrgyzstan
Max. lenth 182 kilometres (113 mi)
Max. with 60 kilometres (37 mi)
Surface aurie 6,236 square kilometres (2,408 sq mi)
Average deepth 270 metres (890 ft)
Max. deepth 668 metres (2,192 ft)
Watter vollum 1,738 km³ (416.97 mi³)
Shore lenth1 688 kilometres (428 mi)
Surface elevation 1,607 metres (5,272 ft)
Dounsets Cholpon-Ata, Karakol
1 Shore lenth is no a well-defined measur.

Issyk Kul (an aa Ysyk Köl, Issyk-Kol: Kyrgyz: Ысык-Көл [ɯsɯqkœl]; Roushie: Иссык-Куль) is an endorheic lake in the northren Tian Shan moontains in eastren Kyrgyzstan.