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The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Israel museum.JPG
Established 1965
Location Jerusalem
Coordinates 31°46′21″N 35°12′16″E / 31.772379°N 35.204524°E / 31.772379; 35.204524
Teep Airt an history
Veesitors Mair nor ane million in ane year (2011)[1]
Director Dr. Eran Neuman

The Israel Museum (Ebreu: מוזיאון ישראל‎‎, Muze'on Yisrael) wis foondit in 1965 as Israel's naitional museum. It is situatit on a hill in the Givat Ram neighbourhuid o Jerusalem, near the Bible Lands Museum, the Knesset, the Israeli Supreme Coort, an the Ebreu Varsity o Jerusalem.

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