Isoroku Yamamoto

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Isoroku Yamamoto
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Isoroku Yamamoto
Native name 山本 五十六
Born 4 Aprile 1884
Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan
Dee'd 18 Apryle 1943(1943-04-18) (aged 59)
Buin, Papua New Guinea 
Allegiance Flag of Japan (1870–1999).svg Empire o Japan
Service/branch  Imperial Japanese Navy
Years o service 1901–1943
Unit Combined Fleet amang others
Commands held Kitakami, Isuzu, Akagi
Naval Air Command, Navy Meenistry, Naval Air Command, 1st Fleet, Combined Fleet, 1st Battleship Diveesion[1]

Isoroku Yamamoto (山本 五十六, Yamamoto Isoroku, 4 Aprile 1884 – 18 Aprile 1943) wis a Japanese Marshal Admiral an the commander-in-chief o the Combined Fleet durin Warld War II, a graduate o the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy.

Yamamoto held several important posts in the Imperial Japanese Navy, an unnerteuk mony o its chynges an reorganizations, especially its development o naval aviation. He wis the commander-in-chief durin the decisive early years o the Paceefic War an sae wis responsible for major battles such as Pearl Harbor an Midway. He died when American codebreakers identified his flicht plans an his plane wis shot doun. His daith wis a major blow tae Japanese militar morale durin Warld War II.

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