Islote Blanco

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Islote Blanco
Islote Blanco is locatit in Argentinae
Islote Blanco
Islote Blanco
Location in Argentinae
LocationBeagle Channel
CoordinatesCoordinates: 55°3′41″S 66°32′49″W / 55.06139°S 66.54694°W / -55.06139; -66.54694

Islote Blanco is a smaw uninhabitit island belangin tae the Ushuaia Depairtment o the Tierra del Fuego in Argentinae. It is locatit in the Beagle Chainel, vera close tae its mooth in the Atlantic Ocean. It haes a aurie o aboot 1 hectare. Some authors consider this island as the soothnmaist point o the territory wi uncontestit sovereignty in Argentinae.[1]

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