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Saunt Isidore o Seville
Isidor von Sevilla.jpeg
St. Isidore o Seville (1655), depictit bi Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
Beeshop, Confessor, an Doctor o the Kirk
Born c. 556
Cartagena, Visigothic Kinrick
Dee'd 4 Apryle 636 (aged 79–80)
Seville, Visigothic Kinrick
Veneratit in Catholic Kirk
Eastren Orthodox Kirk
Canonised 653 by the Aicht Cooncil o Toledo
Feast 4 Apryle
Attributes Bees; Bishop hauldin a pen while surroondit bi a swairm o bees; beeshop staundin near a beehive; auld beeshop wi a prince at his feet; pen; priest or beeshop wi pen an beuk; wi Saunt Leander, Saint Fulgentius, an Saunt Florentina; wi his Etymologiae
Patronage The Internet, computer uisers, computer technicians, programmers, students

Saunt Isidore o Seville (Laitin: Isidorus Hispalensis; Seville, c. 560 –  Seville, 4 Apryle 636), a scholart an, for ower three decades, Airchbeeshop o Seville. He is widely regardit, in the oft-quotit wirds o the 19t-century historian Montalembert, as "the last scholart o the auncient warld."[1]

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