Isabelle de Ludres

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Isabelle de Ludres
Marquise o Ludres
Portrait de Madame Marie-Elisabeth de Ludres, chanoinesse de Poussay , maîtresse de Louis XIV, représentée en Marie-Madeleine.jpg
Ludres depicted as Mary Magdalene
Full name
Marie Élisabeth de Ludres
Ludres, Lorraine, Fraunce
Dee'd28 Januar 1726 (aged 79)
Nancy, Fraunce
FaitherJean de Ludres, Laird o Ludres
MitherClaude des Salles

Isabelle de Ludres (1647 - 28 Januar 1726), wis a French nobleweemen (marquise), an a lady-in-waiting tae Queen Marie Thérèse (wife o Louis XIV) in 1670 an the tae Elisabeth Charlotte o the Palatinate, Duchess o Orléans, "Madame" in 1673. In 1675, she became involved in a relationship with Louis XIV. Ludres left the coort in 1678 an moved tae a convent in Paris. She eventually accepted a ryal pension an move back tae Lorraine. She wis creatit marquise in 1720. In her youth she wis engaged tae Charles IV, Duke o Lorraine but the union niver occurred.

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