Isabel Emslie Hutton

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Isabel Emslie Hutton
Isabel Galloway Emslie Hutton.jpg
Isabel Galloway Emslie Hutton
Born Isabel Galloway Emslie
1887 (1887)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Died 11 Januar 1960 (aged 72–73)
Lunnon, Ingland
Naitionality Scots
Eddication Varsity o Edinburgh
Kent for Medical wark in Warld War I
Order o the White Eagle (Serbie)
Order o St. Sava
Croix de Guerre
Order o St. Anna
Serbie postage stamp in her honour (2015)
Relatives Major Thomas Hutton (husband) (married 1921)
Medical career
Perfaision physeecian, psychiatrist
Field psychiatry
Institutions Ryal Edinburgh Hospital

Leddy Isabel Galloway Emslie Hutton CBE (née Isabel Galloway Emslie; 1887–11 Januar 1960) wis a Scots medical doctor that specialised in mental heal an social wark.[1] She wis mairied tae Breetish militar officer Thomas Jacomb Hutton.

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