Isabel Clara Eugenia o Austrick

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Isabel Clara Eugenia
Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain - Frans Pourbus II.jpg
Portrait bi Frans Pourbus the Younger.
Ring 6 May 1598 – 13 July 1621
Predecessor Philip II
Successor Philip IV
Co-monarch Albert
Born 12 August 1566
Palacio de Valsaín, Segovia, Spain
Dee'd 1 December 1633(1633-12-01) (aged 67)
Brussels, Brabant
Buirial Cathedral o St. Michael an St. Gudula
Spouse Albert VII, Airchduke o Austrick
Full name
Isabel Clara Eugenia de Austria y Valois
Hoose Habsburgs o Spain
Faither Philip II o Spain
Mither Elisabeth o Valois
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Isabel Clara Eugenia o Austrick (2 August 1566 – 1 December 1633) wis sovereign o the Spaingie Netherlands in the Low Countries an the north of modern Fraunce, together with her husband Albert VII, Archduke of Austrick. She wis an Infanta o Spain an Portugal bi birth. She wis a sister o Caterina Micaela o Austrick, the Duchess o Savoy. She later became a nun. Her mither wis a daughter o Henry II o Fraunce an Catherine de' Medici.