Isaac II Angelos

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Isaac II Angelos
Ισαάκιος Β’ Άγγελος
Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
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Ring 1185–1195
Predecessor Andronikos I Komnenos
Successor Alexios III Angelos
Born September 1156 (1156-09)
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Issue Euphrosyne Angelina
Irene Angelina
Alexios IV Angelos
John Angelos
Manuel Angelos
Dynasty Angelos dynasty
Faither Andronikos Doukas Angelos
Mither Euphrosyne Kastamonitissa

Isaac II Angelos or Angelus (Greek: Ισαάκιος Β’ Άγγελος, Isaakios II Angelos; September 1156 – Januar 1204) wis Byzantine Emperor frae 1185 tae 1195, an again frae 1203 tae 1204.