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Irving Langmuir
Born 31 Januar 1881(1881-01-31)[1]
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Died 16 August 1957(1957-08-16) (aged 76)
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, U.S.
Naitionality American
Alma mater Columbia Varsity
Varsity o Göttingen
Kent for Inventor o the heich-vacuum tube
Scientific career
Fields Chemistry Pheesics
Doctoral advisor Walther Nernst

Irving Langmuir /ˈlæŋmjʊr/[2] (Januar 31, 1881 – August 16, 1957) wis an American chemist an pheesicist. His maist notit publication wis the famous 1919 airticle "The Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms and Molecules" in which, biggin on Gilbert N. Lewis's cubical atom theory an Walther Kossel's chemical bondin theory, he ootlined his "concentric theory o atomic structur".[3]

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