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Irrigation canal near Channagiri, Davangere Destrict, Indie

Irrigation is the airtificial application o watter tae the laund or sile. It is uised tae assist in the growin o agricultural craps, maintenance o laundscapes, an revegetation o disturbed siles in dry auries an during periods o inadequate rainfall. Addeetionally, irrigation an aa haes a few ither uises in crap production, which include pertectin plants against frost,[1] suppressin weed growin in grain fields[2] an helpin in preventin soil consolidation.[3] In contrast, agricultur that relies anly on direct rainfaw is referred tae as rain-fed or dryland fairmin. Irrigation seestems are an aa uised for dust suppression, disposal o sewage, an in minin. Irrigation is eften studied thegither wi drainage, which is the naitural or airtifeecial removal o surface an sub-surface watter frae a gien aurie.

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