Irrawaddy dowphin

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Irrawaddy dowphin
Orcaella brevirostris 1878.jpg
Scientific classification
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Cless: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea
Faimily: Delphinidae
Genus: Orcaella
Species: O. brevirostris
Binomial name
Orcaella brevirostris
(Owen in Gray, 1866)[2]
Cetacea range map Irrawaddy Dolphin.PNG
Orcaella genus range map
See: Irrawaddy dolphin
geographic range map
Synonyms [2]
  • Orca (Orcaella) brevirostris Owen in Gray, 1866 (basionym)
  • Orcaella brevirostris brevirostris Ellerman & Morrison-Scott, 1951
  • Orcaella brevirostris fluminalis Ellerman & Morrison-Scott, 1951
  • Orcaella fluminalis Gray, 1871
  • Orcella brevirostris Anderson, 1871
  • Orcella fluminalis Anderson, 1871
  • Phocaena (Orca) brevirostris Owen, 1866

The Irrawaddy dowphin (Orcaella brevirostris) is a euryhaline species o oceanic dolphin foond in discontinuous subpopulations near sea coasts an in estuaries an rivers in pairts o the Bay o Bengal an Sootheast Asie.

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