Irina Allegrova

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Irina Allegrova
Allegrova in 2010
Background information
Birth nameIrina Alexandrovna Allegrova
Born (1952-01-20) 20 Januar 1952 (age 72)
OreiginRostov-on-Don, Soviet Union

Irina Aleksandrovna Allegrova (Roushie: Ирина Александровна Аллегрова; born 20 Januar 1952) is a Roushie sangster.

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Irina Allegrova wis born in Rostov-on-Don in 1952. Her Armenie faither Alexander Sarkisov teuk the last name Allegrov as a pseudonym when he wis juist 17 an Irina wis born unner the name Allegrova. Her Roushie mither wis Serafima Sosnovskaya. Irina wis brocht up in a theatrical faimily wi famous fowk who frequentit their hoose an impressed the young girl. Irina spent her early life in Baku, Azerbaijan where she studiet piano an ballet. Irina gave birth tae ane dochter, Lala, at a young age. She left Lala wi her parents an muivit tae Moscow tae become a sangster at the age o 22.

In the early 1980s she became lead soloist in David Tukhmanov's group - ElectroClub. In the late 80's Irina met Oscar Feltsman, who gave her a chance at a solo career an later wrote several sangs for Irina.

Irina's debut album "My Destined One - Suzheny/Wanderer - Strannik" wis written an producit bi her then neebour an friend - Igor Nikolaev. The album, supportit bi the single "Wanderer" (1991–1992) became nummer 1 an stayed nummer 1 for nearly a full year.

Irina's next album was "Ugonschitsa" (1994–1995), which wan a Roushie Grammy (Ovatsiya) for Best Pop Female Starn. She toured the Unitit States efter that album's release.

Irina began tae wirk wi Igor Krutoi, chyngit her hair tae her natural brunette, got marriet, haed a grandson, an bocht a hoose on the ootskirts o Moscow. Irina an Krutoi released twa albums thegither, "I will disperse the clouds with my hands" an "Un-ending Romance" (1996, 1998).

Irina divorcit, released a healin-themed album cried "Teatr" (Theater) (1999) an went on tour aroond the warld.

In 2005, Irina began wirkin exclusively wi Aleksei Garnizov on "Po Lezviyu Lyubvi (On the razor's edge of love) trilogy". A new album wis planned for release in late 2005.

Irina haes syne written 3 novellas aboot love, an creatit an awaird ceremony whaur she an ither starns give oot the 'Gowden Duck' tae those journalists who made up the wirst lees.

Irina Allegrova annooncit that Mairch 2012 she will hae her feenal concert featurin aw her friends an will be endin her career. Iveryone wis shockit bi this news acause Roushie is luisin a legendary sangster

Recordins[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Strannik (cassette/lp) = Suzheny (CD) (1991/1994 CD)
  • Ugonschitsa (1995) - Car thief
  • Ya Tuchi Razvedu Rukami (1996)
  • Imperatritsa (1997) - Empress
  • Nezakonchenny Roman (1998)
  • Teatr (1999) - The theatre
  • Vsyo Snachala (2000 version 1 & 2001 version 2)
  • Po Lezviyu Lyubvi (2002 version 1 BLACK & 2003 version 2 RED)
  • Popolam (2004)
  • S Dnem Rojdeniya (2005) - Happy Birthday!
  • Allegrova 2007 (2007)
  • Exclusive edition (2010)

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