Irene o Athens

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Empress o the Byzantine Empire
Irina ( Pala d'Oro).jpg
Image from "Pala d'Oro", Venice, c. 10t century
Ring 797–802
Predecessor Constantine VI
Successor Nikephoros I
Born c. 752
Dee'd 9 August 803 (aged 51)
Spouse Leo IV
Issue Constantine VI
Dynasty Isaurian
Releegion Chalcedonian Christianity

Irene o Athens or Irene the Athenian (Greek: Εἰρήνη ἡ Ἀθηναία; c. 752 – 9 August 803 AD) is the commonly kent name o Irene Sarantapechaina (Greek: Εἰρήνη Σαρανταπήχαινα), Byzantine empress regnant frae 797 tae 802.