Ireland naitional fitbaw team (1882–1950)

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to 1950
Shirt badge/Association crest
AssociationIrish Football Association
Maist kaipsElisha Scott (31)
Tap scorerBilly Gillespie (12)
Joe Bambrick (12)
Hame stadiumVarious
FIFA codeEIR[1]
First colours
Elo rankin
Heichest4 (1882–1885)
Lawest37 or 41 (1923 or 1946[2])
First international
Ireland Ireland 0–13 Ingland 
(Belfast, 18 Februar 1882)
Biggest win
Ireland Ireland 7–0 Wales 
(Belfast, 1 Februar 1930)
Biggest defeat
Ireland Ireland 0–13 Ingland 
(Belfast, 18 Februar 1882)

The Ireland naitional fitbaa team representit Ireland at association fitbaa frae 1882 till 1950. It wis organisit bi the Irish Football Association (IFA), an is the fowert auldest internaitional team in the warld. It mainly played in the British Home Championship against Ingland, Scotland an Wales. Tho aften vyin wi Wales tae avoid the widden spoon, Ireland did win the Championship in 1914, an shared it wi Ingland an Scotland in 1903.

Efter the pairtition o Ireland in the 1920s, awtho the IFA's admeenistration o club fitbaa wis restrictit tae Northren Ireland, the IFA naitional team continued tae select players frae the whole o Ireland till 1950, an did no adopt the name "Northren Ireland" till 1954 in FIFA competeetion, an the 1970s in the British Home Championship.[n 1] The IFA's modren Northren Ireland naitional fitbaa team is recognisit as the successor tae the oreeginal Ireland naitional team. Durin this era a separate international team, organisit bi the separate Football Association of Ireland (the F.A.I.), haed briefly fieldit a team cried Ireland, an this team nou represents the Republic o Ireland.

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Up tae 1950

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Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The last match played as Ireland wis 1978 versus Scotland,[3] housomeivver, apairt frae this match, aw British Championship matches haed been played as "Northren Ireland" syne the 1973-74 tournament.[4] In the 1972-73 toornament, the first twa matches wur played as "Ireland" an the third as "Northren Ireland". In the 1971-72 toornament, the first wis played as "Ireland" an the seicont an third as "Northren Ireland". 1970-71 wis the last toornament in which aw matches wur played unner the name "Ireland".[5]

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