Ireland–Unitit Kinrick relations

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Ireland–Unitit Kinrick relations, an aa referrit tae as Erse–Breetish relations, or Anglo-Erse relations, are the relations atween the states o Ireland an the Unitit Kinrick. The three devolved admeenistrations o the Unitit Kinrick, in Scotland, Wales and Northren Ireland, an the three dependencies o the Breetish Croun,[1] the Isle o Man, Jersey an Guernsey, awso pairticipate in multilateral bodies creautit atween the twa states.[2]

Syne at least the 1600s, aw o these auries haeve been connectit poleetically, reachin a heicht in 1801 wi the creaution o the Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Ireland. Aboot five-saxths o the island o Ireland secedit frae the Unitit Kinrick in 1921 as the Erse Free State. Historically, relations atween the twa states haeve been influenced heivily bi issues arisin frae thair shared (an frequently troubled) history, the unthirldom o the Erse Free State and the govrenance o Northren Ireland. These include the pairtition o Ireland an the terms o Ireland's secession, its consteetutional relationship wi an obligations tae the UK efter unthirldom, an the ootbreak o poleetical violence in Northren Ireland. Additionally, the heich level o trade atween the twa states, thair proximate geografic location, thair common status as islands in the European Union, common leid and close cultural an personal links mean poleetical developments in baith states eften closely follae each 9ther.

Today, Erse an Breetish ceetizens are accordit equivalent reciprocal richt an entitlements (wi a smaw nummer o minor exceptions) an a Common Traivel Aurie exists atween Ireland, Unitit Kinrcik, and the Croun Dependencies. The Breetish–Erse Intergovrenmental Conference acts as an offeecial forum for co-operation atween the Govrenment o Ireland an the Govrenment o the Unitit Kinrick on matters o mutual interest generally, an wi respect tae Northren Ireland in pairticular. Twa ither bodies, the Breetish–Erse Cooncil an the Breetish–Erse Pairliamentary Assembly act as a forum for discussion atween the executives an assemmlies, respectively, o the region, includin the devolved regions in the UK an the three Croun dependencies. Co-operation atween Northren Ireland an Ireland, includin the execution o common poleecies in certain auries, occurs through the North/Sooth Meenisterial Cooncil. In 2014, the UK Prime Meenister David Cameron, an the Erse Taoiseach Enda Kenny describit the relationship atween the twa kintras as bein at 'an aw time heich'.[3]

Baith Ireland an the Unitit Kinrick Jyned the European Union (then the European Commonties) in 1973. Houaniver, the three Croun dependencies remain ootside of the EU. In Juin 2016, the Unitit Kinrick held a referendum in which the majority votit tae leave the European Union, but the majority o voters in Northren Ireland votit for remainin in the EU.

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