Iran–Turkey relations

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The relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey haeve been generally peaceful since the establishment of the modren states, but sometimes haeve also been strained. Iran and Turkey are major trade partners. Turkey and Iran haeve heivy mutual influence on each other, due tae geographical proximity, linguistic and ethnic relations (e.g. Azerbaijanis, a Turkic people, are the seicont lairgest ethnicity in Iran and Kurds, an Iranic people, are the seicont lairgest ethnicity in Turkey) mony common cultural aspects, shared empires, and conquering by such as the Parthians, Achaemenids, Sassanians, Seljuks, Safavids, Afsharids, Ottomans and Qajars. Turkey haes an embassy in Tehran, and consulates in Tabriz and Urmia. Iran haes its embassy in Ankara, and consulates in Istanbul, İzmir, Erzurum, Edirne, Gaziantep, Bursa, and Trabzon.

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