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True-colour image taken bi the Galileo orbiter
Galileo spacecraft true-colour image o Io. The dark spot juist left o the center is the eruptin volcano Prometheus. The whitish plains on either side o it are coatit wi volcanically depositit sulfur dioxide frost, whauras the yellaer regions conteen a heicher proportion o sulfur.
Discovered biGalileo Galilei
Discovery date8 Januar 1610[1]
Jupiter I
Orbital chairactereestics
Periapsis420000 km (0.002807 AU)
Apoapsis423400 km (0.002830 AU)
Mean orbit radius
421700 km (0.002819 AU)
1.769137786 d (152853.5047 s, 42.45930686 h)
17.334 km/s
Inclination0.05° (to Jupiter's equator)
2.213° (tae the ecliptic)
Satellite oJupiter
Pheesical chairacteristics
Dimensions3,660.0 × 3,637.4 × 3,630.6 km[2]
Mean radius
1821.6±0.5 km (0.286 Earths)[3]
41910000 km2 (0.082 Earths)
Vollum2.53×1010 km3 (0.023 Earths)
Mass(8.931938±0.000018)×1022 kg (0.015 Earths)[3]
Mean density
3.528±0.006 g/cm3[3]
1.796 m/s2 (0.183 g)
2.558 km/s
Equatorial rotation velocity
271 km/h
Surface temp. min mean max
Surface 90 K 110 K 130 K[5]
5.02 (opposition)[4]
Surface pressur
Composeetion bi vollum90% sulfur dioxide

Io is the innermaist o the fower Galilean muins o the planet Jupiter.

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