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Interstate 10 marker

Interstate 10
Route information
Length: 2,460.34 mi[1] (3,959.53 km)
Existit: 1957 – present
Major junctions
Wast end: SR 1 in Santa Monica, CA

I‑5 in Los Angeles, CA
I‑15 in Ontario, CA
I‑25 in Las Cruces, NM
I‑20 near Kent, TX
I‑35 in San Antonio, TX
I‑45 in Houston, TX
I‑55 near New Orleans, LA
I‑65 in Mobile, AL

I‑75 near Lake Ceety, FL
East end: I‑95 in Jacksonville, FL
Highway seestem

Interstate 10 (I-10) is the soothrenmaist transcontinental highway in the Interstate Highway Seestem o the Unitit States. It stretches frae the Paceefic Ocean at State Route 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) in Santa Monica, Californie tae Interstate 95 in Jacksonville, Florida. The freeway is pairt o the oreeginal Interstate Highway plans designatit in 1956 wi its final section completit in 1990. Ower ane-third o the length o I-10 resides in the state o Texas whaur the freeway spans the state at its widest pynts.

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