Internaitional Security Assistance Force

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Internaitional Security Assistance Force
Seal of the International Security Assistance Force.svg
Offeecial logo o ISAF
ActiveDecember 20, 2001 – December 28, 2014
KintraContreibutin States: See Ablo
AllegianceNATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
Size130,000 (At peak of deployment in 2012)[1]
Pairt oAllied Joint Force Command Brunssum American contingent responsible tae:
Unitit States Central Command
MacDill AFB, Florida, U.S.
HeidquartersKabul, Afghanistan
Motto(s)"Assistance an Cooperation"
Persie: کمک و همکاریKumak u Hamkāri
Pashto: کمک او همکاريKumak aw Hamkāri
EngagementsGlobal War on Terrorism
Gen. John F. Campbell (2014)
BannerFlag of the International Security Assistance Force.svg
Variant bannerFlag of the International Security Assistance Force (Variant).png

The Internaitional Security Assistance Force (ISAF) wis a NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan, established bi the Unitit Naitions Security Cooncil in December 2001 bi Resolution 1386, as envisaged bi the Bonn Agreement.[2][3]

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