Internaitional Monetar Fund

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Internaitional Monetar Fund
Formation27 December 1945
TeepInternaitional financial institution
PurposePromote internaitional monetary cooperation, facilitate internaitional tred, foster sustainable economic growth, mak resoorces available tae members experiencing balance of payments difficulties[1]
HeidquartersWashington, D.C., Unitit States
Coordinates38°53′56.42″N 77°2′39.21″W / 38.8990056°N 77.0442250°W / 38.8990056; -77.0442250Coordinates: 38°53′56.42″N 77°2′39.21″W / 38.8990056°N 77.0442250°W / 38.8990056; -77.0442250
189 kintras
Offeecial leid
Managin Director
Christine Lagarde
Main organ
Buird o govrenors
Parent organisation
Unitit Naitions[3]

The Internaitional Monetar Fund (IMF) is an internaitional organisation heidquartert in Washington, D.C., o "189 kintras wirkin tae foster global monetar cooperation, secur financial stability, facilitate internaitional tred, promote heich employment an sustainable economic growth, an reduce poverty aroond the warld."[1]

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