Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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IEEE logo.svg
Teep Professional Organization
Foondit Januar 1, 1963
Oreegins Merger o the American Institute o Electrical Engineers an the Institute o Radio Engineers
Key fowk Roberto Boisson de Marca, Preses an CEO
Aurie served Warldwide
Focus(es) Electrical, Electronics, Communications, Computer Ingineerin, Computer Science an Information Technology[1]
Method(s) Industry staundarts, Conferences, Publications
Revenue US$330 million
Members 429,000+

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, read I-Triple-E) is a professional association heidquartered in New York Ceety that is dedicatit tae advancin technological innovation an excellence. It haes aboot 425,000 members in aboot 160 kintras, slichtly less nor hauf o whom reside in the Unitit States.[2][3]

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