Inigo Jones

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Inigo Jones
Portrait o Inigo Jones pentit bi William Hogarth in 1758 frae a 1636 pentin bi Sir Anthony van Dyck
Born15 Julie 1573(1573-07-15)
Lunnon, Ingland
Died21 Juin 1652(1652-06-21) (aged 78)
Somerset House, Lunnon, Ingland
BigginsBanqueting House, Whitehall
Queen's House
Wilton House
Covent Garden

Inigo Jones (/ˈɪnɡ/; 15 Julie 1573 – 21 Juin 1652) wis the first signeeficant Inglis airchitect (o Welsh auncestry) in the early modren period, an the first tae employ Vitruvian rules o proportion an symmetry in his biggins.[1] As the maist notable airchitect in Ingland, Jones wis the first person wha introduced the clessical airchitectur o Roum an the Italian Renaissance tae Breetain. He left his merk on Lunnon bi single biggins, such as the Queen's House which is the first biggin in Ingland designed in a pure clessical style, an the Banqueting House, Whitehall, as well as the layoot for Covent Garden squerr which acame a model for futur developments in the Wast End. He made major contreibutions tae stage design bi his wark as theatrical designer for several dozen masques, maist bi ryal command an mony in collaboration wi Ben Jonson.

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