Infante Luis, Coont o Chinchón

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Luis o Spain
Coont o Chinchón
Infante o Spain
Cardinal o the Catholic kirk
Infante Don Luis of Spain, Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain, by Louis Michel van Loo.jpg
Don Luis as Primate o Spain in 1737 bi Louis Michel van Loo
Ring 18 December 1754 - 7 August 1785
Born 25 Julie 1727(1727-07-25)
Ryal Alcázar, Madrid, Spain
Dee'd 7 August 1785(1785-08-07) (aged 58)
Palacio de la Mosquera, Arenas de San Pedro, Ávila
Buirial El Escorial, Spain
Spouse María Teresa de Vallabriga
Issue Luis María, Coont o Chinchón
María Teresa, Coontess o Chinchón, Princess o the Peace
María Luisa, Duchess o San Fernando de Quiroga
Full name
Luis Antonio Jaime de Borbón y Farnesio
Hoose Bourbons o Spain
Faither Philip V o Spain
Mither Elisabeth Farnese

Infante Luis o Spain, Coont o Chinchón (Luis Antonio Jaime; 25 Julie 1727 - 7 August 1785) wis the youngest son o Keeng Philip V o Spain an Elisabeth Farnese. He is listed in the Guinness Book o World Records as the youngest-ever cardinal.[1] He, his wife an several o his childer war aw painted bi Francisco Goya.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Infante Luis o Spain wis born at the Ryal Alcázar in Madrid, Spain. He wis the youngest son o Keeng Philip V o Spain an Elisabeth Farnese. He wis named in honour o Louis XV o Fraunce. As the youngest son o the keeng, he wis destined for a life in the kirk. Eventually on 10 December 1735 he wis creautit the Airchbishop o Toledo an the Primate o Spain, haein been creautit a Cardinal o the Catholic Kirk bi Pape Clemente XII on 19 December 1735 aged 8. On 18 December 1754 Luis renounced his ecclesiastical titles an wis gien the title Coont o Chinchón (Conde de Chinchón) which wis previously uised bi Luis' elder brither, Infante Philip ("Felipe"). His eldest brither Infante Charles (Carlos) wis the heir tae the Spaingie crown an wad acome Keeng o Spain in 1746. Despite Charles nae bein in Spain at the time he wis acknowledged as Keeng despite Luis protesting on the grunds that he wis still in Spain whauras Charles wis nae. Eventually, Charles wad acome keeng an he returned tae Spain[2] An Luis then went intae exile in an attempt tae avoid the ryal court in Madrid.

Childer an mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

In exile, in 1776, Luis contracted a morganatic mairiage wi María Teresa de Vallabriga, an aristocrat frae Aragon. The couple haed 3 childer thegither. As a result o the mairiage thir childer war nae able tae inherit the throne o Spain.

  1. Luis María de Borbón y Vallabriga, 14t Coont o Chinchón (22 Mey 1777 – 19 Mairch 1823) later a cardinal an Regent o Spain but died childless.
  2. María Teresa de Borbón, Coontess o Chinchón 6 Mairch 1779 – 23 November 1828) mairit Manuel Godoy, Prince o the Peace an haed childer.
  3. María Luisa de Borbón y Vallabriga, Farnesio y Rozas (21 Mairch 1780 – 1 December 1846) mairit Joaquín José de Melgarejo y Saurín, de Rojas y Ruíz-Dávalos, Duke o San Fernando de Quiroga but died childless.

Daith an burial[eedit | eedit soorce]

Luis died at the "Palacio de la Mosquera"[3] his personal residence in Castile an León. Surroondit bi his faimily. Luis in his daithbed wis the subject o anither pentin bi Goya. He wis buried at El Escorial ootside Madrid. His son Luis María an then his daughter María Teresa inherited thair faither's teetle.

References an notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  2. Having successively been Duke o Parma an the Keeng o Naples an Keeng o Sicily.
  3. Also called the "Palacio del Infante Don Luis de Borbón"

Titles and styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 25 Julie 1727 - 10 December 1735 His Ryal Highness The Infante Don Luis Antonio Jaime o Spain.
  • 10 December 1735 - 18 December 1754 The Airchbishop o Toledo, Primate o Spain.
  • 18 December 1754 - 7 August 1785 His Ryal Highness The Coont o Chinchón, Infante o Spain.

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