Infante Alfonso Carlos, Duke o San Jaime

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Infante Alfonso Carlos
Duke of San Jaime; Duke of Anjou
Alfonso Carlos of Bourbon, Duke of San Jaime.JPG
Legitimist pretender tae the French throne
as Charles XII
Pretendence2 October 1931 – 26 September 1936
PredecessorJames I
SuccessorAlphonse I
Born12 September 1849(1849-09-12)
London, Unitit Kinrick
Dee'd29 September 1936(1936-09-29) (aged 87)
Vienna, Austrick
BuirialPuchheim Castle
SpouseInfanta Maria das Neves o Portugal
Full name
Alfonso Carlos Fernando José Juan Pío de Borbón y Austria-Este
HooseBourbons o Spain
FaitherInfante Juan, Coont o Montizón
MitherMaria Beatrix o Austrick-Este
SeegnaturInfante Alfonso Carlos's signature
Coat of Arms used by the supporters of the Carlist Claimants to the Spanish Throne (adopted c.1890).svg

Alfonso Carlos, Infante o Spain, Duke o San Jaime (Alfonso Carlos Fernando José Juan Pío; 12 December 1849 – 29 September 1936 in Vienna) wis the Carlist claimant tae the throne o Spain under the name Alfonso Carlos I (though some Carlists wha supported Alfonso XIII as his heir later referred tae him as Alfonso XII) an the Legitimist claimant tae the throne o Fraunce under the name Charles XII.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 26 Aprile 1871, at Kleinheubach in Bavarie, Alfonso Carlos mairit Infanta Maria das Neves o Portugal, a dochter o Keeng Miguel o Portugal an Princess Adelaide o Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. They haed nae issue.