Infanta Isabel Luísa, Princess o Beira

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Isabel Luísa o Portugal
Princess o Beira
Isabel Luisa de Braganca.PNG
Isabel Luísa bi Domenico Duprà, 1725.
Born6 Januar 1669(1669-01-06)
Ribeira Pailace, Lisbon, Portugal
Dee'd22 October 1690(1690-10-22) (aged 21)
Palhavã, Portugal
BuirialRyal Pantheon
Full name
Isabel Luísa Josefa de Bragança
FaitherPedro II o Portugal
MitherMaria Francisca o Savoy
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
Coat of Arms of the Prince of Beira (1734-1910).png

Infanta Isabel Luísa o Portugal, Princess o Beira (Isabel Luísa Josefa; 6 Januar 1669 – 21 October 1690) wis the anly dochter o Keeng Pedro II o Portugal an his wife Maria Francisca o Savoy, she wis hier tae her faither's throne but niver accedit aa she died o smawpox aged 21 in 1690. She wis gien the teetle Princess o Beira bi her faither aa heir tae the throne. Possible husbands included her first cousin, Victor Amadeus II o Savoy . The mairiage wis opposed bi maist o the Savoyard court as it meant that Victor Amadeus wad live in Portugal an his mither wad remain in power. But that plan wis nae implemented. Anither candidate wis Grand Prince Gian Gastone de' Medici o Tuscany (future Grand Duke), an Louis, Grand Dauphin (son o Louis XIV, aa Charles II o Spain, the Duke o Parma aa well aa a Coont Palatine o Neuburg. Nothing came o thir plans. For this she wis nicknamed Sempre-noiva, "Always-engaged".

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