Indigirka River

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Indigirka River
River moothEast Siberian Sea
Pheesical chairacteristics
Lenth1,726 km

The Indigirka River (Roushie: Индиги́рка; Sakha: Индигиир) is a river in the Sakha Republic in Roushie atween the Yana River an the Kolyma River. It is 1,726 kilometre (1,072 mi) in lenth. The aurie o its basin is 360,000 km². The river flaes intae the Kolyma Bay, East Siberian Sea. It freezes up in October an stays unner the ice till Mey–Juin.

Coordinates: 70°48′N 148°54′E / 70.800°N 148.900°E / 70.800; 148.900