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Incremental gemmes (kent as idle gemmes, clicker gemmes, or clickin gemmes) are video gemmes whase gameplay consists o the player performin simple actions (such as clickin on the screen) repeatitly tae gain currency.[1] This can be uised tae obteen items or abeelities that increase the rate at which currency accrues.[2][3]

A common theme is tae gie the player sources o time-based income displayed as "biggins", such as factories or ferms. In some gemmes, even the clickin becomes unnecessar efter a time, as the gemme plays itsel, includin in the player's absence,[4] hence the moniker "idle game". Maist gemmes featur a reset-based seestem whaur the player resets the progress o their gemme an gain anither fuirm o currency. This new currency is normally uised tae gain global bonuses which does no disappear efter a reset, allouin the player tae go further than the previous reset.

Incremental gemmes gained popularity in 2013 efter the success o Cookie Clicker,[2] awtho earlier gemmes such as Cow Clicker an Candy Box wur based on the same principles. In 2015, the gemmin press observit such gemmes proliferatin on the Steam gemme distribution platform wi titles such as Clicker Heroes.[4]

Nathan Grayson o Kotaku attributit the popularity o idle gemmes tae their ability tae provide unchallengin distractions that fit easily intae a body's daily routine, whilk uisin themes an aesthetics o mair sophisticatit gemmes so as tae be appealin tae a "core gemmer" audience. Grayson an aw notit that the genre alloued for a wide variety o gemme mechanics an themes, such as fantasy, sci-fi an erotica, tae provide sufficient perceivit deth tae avoid borin players.[5]

Julien "Orteil" Thiennot (creator o gemmes such as Cookie Clicker) describit his awn wirks as "nan-gemmes".[6] In early 2014, Orteil released a early version o Idle Game Maker, a tuil allouin customisit idle gemmes tae be made athoot codin knawledge.[7]

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