Inca Empire

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Inca Empire
Tawantinsuyu  (Quechua)



The Inca Empire at its greatest extent
Caipital Cusco
Leids Quechua (offeecial), Aymara, Puquina, Jaqi faimily, Muchik an scores o smawer leids.
Releegion Inca releegion
Government Monarchy
Sapa Inca
 -  1438–1471 Pachacuti
 -  1471–1493 Túpac Inca Yupanqui
 -  1493–1525 Huayna Capac
 -  1525–1532 Huáscar
 -  1532–1533 Atahualpa
Historical era Pre-Columbian
 -  Pachacuti creatit the Tawantinsuyu 1438
 -  Ceevil war atween Huáscar an Atahualpa 1529–1532
 -  Spainyie conquest led bi Francisco Pizarro 1533
 -  End o the last Inca resistance 1572
 -  1438[1] 800,000 km² (308,882 sq mi)
 -  1527 2,000,000 km² (772,204 sq mi)
 -  1438[1] est. 12,000,000 
     Density 15 /km²  (38.8 /sq mi)
 -  1527 est. 20,000,000 
     Density 10 /km²  (25.9 /sq mi)
The day pairt o  Argentina
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The Inca Empire or Inka Empire[2] (Quechua: Tawantinsuyu) wis the lairgest empire in pre-Columbian Americae.[3] The admeenistrative, poleetical an militar centre o the empire wis locatit in Cusco in modren-day Peru. The Inca ceevilization arose frae the heichlands o Peru sometime in the early 13t century, an the last Inca stranghauld wis conquered bi the Spainyie in 1572.

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