In My Defens God Me Defend

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In my defens God me defend is the motto o baith the Ryal coat o airms o the Kinrick o Scotland an Ryal coat o airms o the Unitit Kinrick uised in Scotland.[1][2] Contemporar versions o the Ryal airms shaws the motto in the cutty form o IN DEFENS or, whaur Inglis is uised as an alternative tae Scots, IN DEFENCE.[3] The motto appears abuin the crest o the airms, in the tradeetion o Scots heraldry.[4][5]

Uisage[eedit | eedit soorce]

The motto IN DEFENS daesna anerly appear on the Ryal airms, but thegither wi the crest o the Ryal airms, upo the logo o baith the Croun Office an Procurator Fiscal Service an the General Register Office for Scotland an aw.

Origins[eedit | eedit soorce]

In My Defens God Me Defend coud come frae an auld Scots prayer:

In my defens God me defend
And bring my sawl to ane good end...
ane vertuous lyf procureth ane happie death[6]


In my defens God me defend
And bring my soul to ane guid end
When A am sick and like to die
Father of Heaven hath mercy on me.[7]

Awso, in the form o a couplet:

In me defens God me defend
An bring my saulle to ane guid end O Lord.[8]

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