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The Illyrians (Auncient Greek: Ἰλλυριοί, Illyrioi; Laitin: Illyrii or Illyri) wur a group o Indo-European tribes who inhabitit pairt o the wastren Balkans in antiquity an the sooth-eastren coasts o the Italian peninsula (Messapia).[1] The territory the Illyrians covered came tae be kent as Illyrie tae Greek an Roman authors, correspondin tae pairts o the umwhile Yugoslavie an Albanie, atween the Adriatic Sea in the wast, the Drava river in the north, the Morava river in the east an the mooth o the Vjosë river in the sooth.[2][3] The first accoont o Illyrian fowks comes frae Periplus or Coastal Passage, an auncient Greek text o the middle o the 4t century BC.[4]

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