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Ijevan landscape
Ijevan landscape
Ijevan Իջևան is located in Armenie
Ijevan Իջևան
Coordinates: 40°52′32″N 45°08′57″E / 40.87556°N 45.14917°E / 40.87556; 45.14917
Kintra Armenie
MayorVardan Ghalumyan [1]
 • Total4.62 km2 (1.78 sq mi)
755 m (2,477 ft)
 • Total20,500
 • Density4437/km2 (11,490/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4 (GMT +4)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 (GMT+5)
WebsiteIjevan info portal
Sources: Population [2]

Ijevan (Armenie: Իջևան; umwhile, Istibulagh an Karavansara) is a ceety in Armenie an the caipital o Tavush Province. It is locatit in the northren pairt o the region, on the fuit o Ijevan ridge an Nal'teket ridge on baith banks o Aghstev River. The ceety's current name, Ijevan, an its umwhile name Karavansara (till 1919) baith mean "inn" (caravanserai), in Armenie an Persie, respectively.[3] The ceety's population as o 2009 is 20,500 makkin it the maist populatit ceety in the province. It is 137 km tae the north-east o Yerevan. Currently, the mayor o the ceety is Varuzhan Nersisyan who runs Ijevan alongside a fifteen-memmer cooncil.[4] The Yerevan-Tbilisi heich-gate passes through the ceety. Ijevan haes a railwey station syne 1870.

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