Iguazú Naitional Pairk

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Iguazú Naitional Pairk
IUCN category II (naitional pairk)
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Map shawin the location o Iguazú Naitional Pairk
Map shawin the location o Iguazú Naitional Pairk
Location within Argentinae
Location Misiones Province, Argentinae
Coordinates 25°37′00″S 54°20′00″W / 25.61667°S 54.33333°W / -25.61667; -54.33333Coordinates: 25°37′00″S 54°20′00″W / 25.61667°S 54.33333°W / -25.61667; -54.33333
Aurie 550 km2 (212 sq mi)
Established 1934
Govrenin body Administración de Parques Nacionales
Teep Naitural
Criterie vii, x
Designatit 1984 (8t session)
Reference no. 303
State Pairty Argentinae
Region Latin America an the Caribbean

The Iguazú Naitional Pairk is a naitional pairk o Argentinae, locatit in the Iguazú Depairtment, in the north o the province o Misiones, Argentine Mesopotamie. It haes an aurie o 550 km2 (212 sq mi).

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