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Ibadan street scene.jpg
Nickname(s): Ile Oluyole
Ibadan is locatit in Nigerie
Location in Nigerie
Coordinates: 7°23′47″N 3°55′0″E / 7.39639°N 3.91667°E / 7.39639; 3.91667
Kintra  Nigerie
State Oyo State
War camp 1829
Ibadan Destrict Cooncil 1961
Ibadan Municipal Govrenment 1989
 • Govrenor Senator Is'haq Abiola Ajimobi
 • Olubadan Samuel Odulana Odugade I
 • Total 3,080 km2 (1,190 sq mi)
Population (2006 census)[1]
 • Tot 2,338,659
 • Density 828/km2 (2,140/sq mi)
 • Metro density 250/km2 (600/sq mi)
 • Releegions Muslim majority, Christianity, Yoruba tradeetional releegion
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)
Wabsteid http://www.oyostate.gov.ng/

Ibadan (Yoruba: Ìbàdàn or fully (Ìlú) Ẹ̀bá-Ọ̀dàn, (the ceety at) the edge o the savannah) is the caipital ceety o Oyo State an the third lairgest metropolitan aurie, bi population, in Nigerie, efter Lagos an Kano, wi a population o 1,338,659 accordin tae the 2006 census. Ibadan is an aa the lairgest metropolitan geographical aurie. At Nigerian unthirldom, Ibadan wis the lairgest an maist populous ceety in the kintra an the third in Africae efter Cairo an Johannesburg.

Ibadan is locatit in sooth-wastren Nigerie, 128 km inland northeast o Lagos an 530 km soothwast o Abuja, the federal caipital, an is a prominent transit pynt atween the coastal region an the auries tae the north. Ibadan haed been the centre o admeenistration o the auld Wastren Region syne the days o the Breetish colonial rule, an pairts o the ceety's auncient protective walls still staund tae this day. The principal indwallers o the ceety are the Yorubas.

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