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Ian Douglas Smith

A black an white photae o Ian Smith
Smith c. 1954
8th Prime Meenister o Rhodesie
In office
13 Apryle 1964 – 1 June 1979[n 1]
Precedit biWinston Field
Succeedit biAbel Muzorewa
Leader o the Opposeetion o Zimbabwe
In office
18 Apryle 1980 – Mey 1987
PresesCanaan Banana[2]
Prime MeenisterRobert Mugabe
Personal details
BornIan Douglas Smith
8 Apryle 1919(1919-04-08)
Selukwe, Southern Rhodesia[n 4]
Dee'd20 November 2007(2007-11-20) (aged 88)
Cape Toun, Sooth Africae
Restin place
Poleetical pairty
Spoose(s)Janet Duvenage (m. 1948; d. 1994)
  • Jean (stepdaughter)
  • Robert (stepson)
  • Alec
Alma materRhodes University
Militar service
  • Soothren Rhodesie
  • Unitit Kinrick
Service/branchRyal Air Force
Years o service1941–1945
RankFlicht Lieutenand
Battles/warsSeicont Warld War

Ian Douglas Smith GCLM ID (8 Apryle 1919 – 20 November 2007) wis a politeecian, fermer, an fighter pilot wha sert as Prime Meenister o Rhodesie (or Soothren Rhodesie; the dey Zimbabwe) fae 1964 tae 1979.[n 1] As the kintra's first prime meenister that wisna born abreed, he led the maistly white govrenment that unilaterally declare't unthirldom fae the Unitit Kinrick in 1965, efter a lang argie-bargie ower the terms. He remeened Prime Meenister fae awmaist aw o the fowerteen years o international isolation that follaed, an owersaw Rhodesie's caition forces fae maist o the Bush War, that pit the unkent admeenistration foreanent communist-promuived black nationalist guerilla groups. Smith, that haes been descrived as the feegur o white Rhodesie, remeens a hiely contentious person—supporters praise him as a man o mense an sicht "the man unnerstuid the ill at ease trowths o Africae",[5] while creetics descrive an unrepentant racist whase policies an actions caused the deiths o thoosands an contreebuted to Zimbabwe's later creesises.

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  1. a b In the een o the UK, Smith stapped bein Prime Meenister whan his government declared independence on 11 November 1965.[1] In practice, he remeened in office until 1979.[2]
  2. Elizabeth II's representative in Rhodesie—the Governor, Sir Humphrey Gibbs—demitit Smith upon the declaration o independence, but Smith conteenad tae mainteen stainch allegiance tae the Queen until 1970.[3]
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