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iStock by Getty Images
GenreMicrostock photografie
FoonditMey 2000; 20 years ago (2000-05) (as iStockphoto)
FoonderBruce Livingstone
HeidquartersCalgary, Alberta, Canadae
Key fowk
Bruce Livingstone (founder & CEO)
ParentGetty Images

iStock is an online royalty free, internaitional micro stock photografie provider based in Calgary, Alberta, Canadae. The firm offers millions of photos, illustrations, clip airt, videos and audio tracks. Eemages cost between 1 and 3 credits, with the price of credits ranging frae $10.00 tae $0.22 depending on volume purchased and subscription plan.[1] Airtists, designers and photographers worldwide contreibute thair work tae iStock collections in return for royalties. Nearly hauf a million new photos, illustrations, videos and audio files, are added each month.

Histerie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The company wis foondit bi Bruce Livingstone in May 2000, as iStockphoto, a free stock eemagery wabsteid supportit by Livingstone's wab development firm, Evolvs Media, It bygane chairging money in 2001 and haes been profitable since then.[2]

On February 9, 2006 the firm wis acquired by Getty Images for $50 million USD. Livingstone promised that the steid would continue "functioning independently with the benefits of Getty Images, yet, very importantly for them and us, autonomy. "[3]

On September 18, 2006 the steid experienced the first benefits of the new ownership:[4] a Controlled vocabulary keyword taxonomy borrowed frae Getty Images.

As of Mairch 31, 2007, iStockpro closed. iStockpro wis a more expensive version of iStockphoto that wis never as popular as iStockphoto, and became redundant efter the acquisition bi Getty Images.

On April 1, 2008 Getty Images disclosed, as pairt of its agreement tae be sold tae a private equity firm, that iStockphoto's revenue in 2007 wis $71.9 million USD of which $20.9 million (29%) wis paid tae contreibutors.[5][citation needit]

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