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INaturalist logo.png
Teep o steid
Ceetizen science
Available inInglis, Spaingie, Galician, Catalan, an Basque
AwnerCalifornia Academy of Sciences [1]
12 years ago
Current statusOnline

iNaturalist is a ceetizen science project an online social network o naituralists, ceetizen scientists, an biologists biggit on the concept o cairttin an sharin observations o biodiversity athort the globe.[2] Observations mey be addit via the wabsteid or frae a mobile application.[3][4] The observations provide valuable open data tae a variety o scienteefic resairch projects, museums, botanic gairdens, pairks, an ither organisations.[5][6][7] Uisers o iNaturalist hae contreibutit ower fower million observations[8] syne its foondin in 2008, an the project haes been cried "a staundart-bearer for naitural history mobile applications."[9]

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