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The hydrosphere (frae Greek ὕδωρ - hudōr, "watter"[1] an σφαῖρα - sphaira, "sphere"[2]) in pheesical geografie describes the combined mass o watter foond on, unner, an ower the surface o a planet.

Igor Shiklomanov, the man selectit bi the Unitit Naitions tae dae its warld inventory o watter resoorces,[3] estimatit that thare are 1386 million cubic kilometres o watter on yird.[4] This includes watter in liquid an frozen furms in grundwatters, glaciers, oceans, lochs an streams. Saline watter accoont for 97.5% o this amoont. Fresh watter acoonts for anly 2.5%. O this fresh watter 68.7% is in the "furm o ice an permanent snow cover in the Arctic, the Antarctic, an in the muntainous regions. Next, 29.9% exists as fresh grundwatters. Anly 0.26% o the tot amount o fresh watters on the Yird are concentrated in lochs, reservoirs an river seestems whaur thay are maist easily accessible for oor economic needs an absolutely vital for watter ecoseestems."[4] The tot mass o the Yird's hydrosphere is aboot 1.4 × 1018 tonnes, which is aboot 0.023% o the Yird's tot mass. Aboot 20 × 1012 tonnes o this is in the Yird's atmosphere (the volume o ane tonne o watter is approximately 1 cubic metre). Approximately 75% o the Yird's surface, an aurie o some 361 million square kilometers (139.5 million square miles), is covered bi ocean. The average salinity o the Yird's oceans is aboot 35 grams o saut per kilogram o sea watter (3.5%) [5]

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