Hydra (muin)

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Pluto system 2005 discovery images.jpg
Discovery images o Hydra (an Nix)
Discovered biHubble Space Telescope
Pluto Companion Search Team
Discovery dateJuin 2005
Named after
Lernaean Hydra
(134340) Pluto III
Orbital chairactereestics[1]
64749 km
38.206±0.001 d
Satellite oPluto
Pheesical chairacteristics
Mean radius
30–84 km[2]
Mass4.2×1017 kg[3]
Mean density
Albedo0.04–0.35 (assumed)[4]
Temperatur33–55 K
22.9–23.3 (measurt)[4]

Hydra is the ootermaist kent naitural satellite o Pluto. It wis discovered alang wi Nix in Juin 2005, an is tae be veesitit alang wi Pluto bi the New Horizons mission in Julie 2015.[5]

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