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Hunder Days

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War o the Sevent Coalition
Pairt o the Napoleonic Wars

The Battle o Waterloo, bi William Sadler II
Date20 Mairch tae 8 Julie 1815
LocationFraunce, present-day Belgium

Decisive French defeat, Seicont Treaty o Paris


Seivent Coalition:

 Unitit Kinrick
 Austrian Empire
 Russian Empire
Province o Hanover Hanover
Kinrick o the Twa Sicilies Sicily
Tuscany Tuscany
Kinrick o Fraunce French Kinrick
Fraunce French Empire
 Kingdom of Naples
Commanders an leaders
Unitit Kinrick Duke o Wellington
Kinrick o Proushie Gebhard von Blücher
Austrick Empire Frederick Bianchi
Fraunce Napoleon
Fraunce Marquis de Grouchy
Fraunce Louis-Nicolas Davout
Kinrick o Naples Joachim Murat
800,000– 1,000,000[1] 280,000[1]
Casualties an losses
50,825+ killed, woondit, or captured[citation needit] 68,000+ killed, woondit, captured, or missin[citation needit]

The Hunder Days,[2] sometimes kent as the Hunder Days o Napoleon or Napoleon's Hunder Days markit the period atween Emperor Napoleon o Fraunce's return frae exile on Elba tae Paris on 20 Mairch 1815 an the seicont restoration o King Louis XVIII on 8 Julie 1815 (a period o 111 days).[3]

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  3. Histories differ ower the stairt an end dates o the Hundred Days; anither popular period is frae 1 March, when Napoleon I landit in Fraunce, tae his defeat at Waterloo on 18 Juin.