Human skelet

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Human skelet
Human skeleton front en.svg
Diagram o the human skelet
Anatomical terminology

The human skelet is the internal framework o the bouk. It is componed o aroond 300 banes at birth – this tot decreases tae 206 banes bi adulthuid efter some banes hae fused thegither.[1] The bane mass in the skelet reaches maximum density aroond age 20. The human skelet can be dividit intae the axial skelet an the appendicular skelet. The axial skelet is formed bi the vertebral column, the rib cage, the skull an ither associatit banes. The appendicular skelet, which is attached tae the axial skelet, is formed bi the shoulder girdle, the pelvic girdle an the banes o the upper an lawer limbs.

The human skelet insa as sexually dimorphic as that o mony ither primate species, but subtle differences atween sexes in the morphology o the skull, dentition, lang banes, an pelvis exeest. In general, female skeletal elements tend tae be smawer an less robust nor correspondin male elements within a gien population. The human female pelvis is an aa different frae that o males in order tae facilitate bairn birth.[2] Unlik maist primates, human males dinna hae penile banes.[3]

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