Human richts in the Islamic Republic o Iran

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The state o human richts in Iran haes been criticized baith bi Iranians an internaitional human richt activists, writers, an NGOs. The Unitit Naitions General Assembly an the Human Richts Commission hae condemned prior an ongoin abuses in Iran in published critiques an several resolutions.

The government o Iran is criticized baith for restrictions an punishments that follae the Islamic Republic's constitution an law, an for actions that dae no, sic as the torture, rape, an killin o politeecal prisoners, an the beatins an killins o dissidents an ither civilians.[1]

Alleged restrictions an punishments lawful in the Islamic Republic which violate internaitional human richts norms include: hersh penalties for creemes; punishment o "victimless crimes" sic as fornication, homosexuality; execution o offenders unner 18 years o age; restrictions on freedom o speech, an the press, includin the imprisonment o jurnalists; unequal treatment accordin tae releegion an gender in the Islamic Republic's constitution - especially attacks on members o the Bahá'í releegion.

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